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Brag, Brag, Brag -- go on, do it! No problem here!
At Bird Bytes it's never a drag to let you brag! We're bird lovers too, and we all need a place to tell of our birdees latest talents without the friends and family rolling their eyes at you ("yeah, yeah, that's nice...).
We know everyone's bird is uniquely funny, clever, and talented

So take a minute to read below what those with a
"License to Brag"
have to say!


YOU TOO CAN TELL US WHY YOUR BIRD IS SO SPECIAL (try to keep it short, please).
To receive your License to Brag, submit your Bird's 'Tail' via E-MAIL TO:

Please let us know if you would like your name, address, or email to appear with your Bird's Tail.
Your brag-a-byte will be added to the others (and a Star is Born) right on this page so,
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My little boy must really love Oprah! He whistles long tunes and bobs his head whenever he hears the commercial for Oprah -- you know, that jingle that says "Get with the program, get with Oprah".

J. Biggs
Santa Rosa, CA


Whenever my bird, Duke, sees a truck go by the house he says: "hey buddy!" He's outrageous!

Jeannie Burgess
Daytona Beach, FL


My amazon will cry when I leave the room and coo's the whole time I am with him.

Deborah Dechellis
Lebanon, Oregon

Lic. #8900307

Our 6 month old quaker, Buster, can't quite make out words yet, but when a female walks by his cage or says hello to him, he whistles cat calls and makes kissy sounds until they hold him.

Greg Bernhardt

Lic. #8900309

My bird is special because she gives kisses and is willing to come out any time of the day.

Robert & Cynthia Penchina

Lic. #8900311

Our umbrella cockatoo, Hershey, had just discovered how to turn on the Dustbuster. While this was just Too Cute, it quickly became irritating as he turned it on every few seconds, and we turned it off. Finally I said "that's it", and I hid it in the bedroom closet. Hershey travelled all over the house in search of his dustbuster, to an avail. Several days later he disappeared for about 10 minutes, we wondered where he was.....all of a sudden we hear "VROOOM!" Hershey was a very happy little man......

Suzanne Freeman

Lic #8900313

One of my parakeets, Buddy Bird, sings the KIT KAT song since 2 mos. of age. If he sees that commercial, we get serenaded for 2 hours straight.

(please send e-mail to if you would like your name to appear!)

Lic. #8900315

My parakeet sits in his cage, and when I play the Macarena, he whistles the tune and bobs his head.

Becca McNally
Tallahassee, FL

Lic. #8900317

I have an African Grey, Cocoa, and when she doesn't want to go into her cage, she puts her head down and says "no no I don't want to go!" I also have a quaker parrot named Ricky, and whenever we eat, Ricky just has to have whatever we have, then he'll put his little head in the bowl and say "Mmmm is this good?"

Lic. #8900319

Hi! I think my budgie named Birdie (extremely original, isn't it?) is very talented at annoying my dog. When down in the living room one afternoon, I noticed a distinctive yelping from my 1-year-old dog, and on racing upstairs to wonder what on earth was the matter, there was Sam - leaping up on the chair that the birdcage is on, baring his teeth and emiting frustrated yelps of agony, while Birdie was sticking his tail out of the cage, loving every minute of this agonizing teasing of the poor dog, unsuccessful in biting this bird in half!

Amanda Rogers

Lic. #8900321

Norman is a 3 year Congo African Grey who likes to incite riots in our otherwise quiet little home. Every day when we come in from work he starts with, "Hey, I'm starving here!" He then proceeds to ask all the other birds (we have 10), "are you hungry babies?" Next thing you know they're all screaming and carrying like spoiled children wanting to be fed. I usually have to postpone preparing our own dinner 'til I feed my little monsters! Thanks a lot Norman!

Steven Hamby

Lic. #8900323

Female umbrella dances to Rod Stewart while sitting on the back ledge of my car where the speakers are. Couldn't tell you how many times I was almost rear-ended while other motorist watched her bop her head and sway back and forth. She also knows how to swim when we go to the beach. Gets bored sitting on my shoulder while I fish, so I taught her how to use her wings while she flaps in the surf. She also likes to hit the keys on my keyboard while I surf the net. She chases our male cat around the house, snags him in the tail and yanks it!

Lic. #8900325

My CAG, Woody: When I get up in the a.m. he says, "Good Morning! get your coffee!"

Susan Walter

Lic. #8900327

I have 2 parakeets, and they often are impatient with each other. When one parakeet (Tucker) is mad at the other older parakeet (Fletcher), Tucker will actually walk/scoot Fletcher right oftf of the perch! I have only had my "babies" for a couple of month, so there aren't any funny, FUNNY stories (Yet).

Karen Connolly
Greeley, Colorado

Lic. #8900329

I have a cockatiel named Sully, Whom loves to Whistle the Andy Griffith song, and is just now saying Hello! He loves the Early morning sunshine so we call him our little sunshine and when you ask him if he's being bad he nods his head up and down...He is 6 months old.

Dana and Shane Flint
Sioux City, IA

Lic. #8900331

Let me tell you about my Gypsy (1 year old sun conure). She is so quiet and playful. She only screams when I come home and then quiets down when I come over and talk to her. Everyone warned me and said she will drive you crazy screaming...not my Gypsy. She talks and is a dollbaby. I couldn't have a better pet. Thanks for listening!


Lic. #8900333

Triton Cockatoo, Pandora, climbs down off of her cage and walks over to
me lying on the sofa and looks up and says "hi babe" clear as a bell. I
had only had her 3 days. She also says I love you when you pet her.

Sandra A. Cross

Lic. #8900335

My bird Buddy gives me kisses when you take him out of the cage. He also has a plastic friend of which he coos at and knocks around when he is mad.

Kerry Rinehart
Buddy (the bird)

Lic. #8900337

My 17 month old blue and gold macaw Schreech says "Where's mama?" everytime I leave the room.  Also frequent "I love you" and loves to cuddle and be petted.  Thank you for giving me the license to brag. 

Donna :>)

Lic. #8900339

My bird Spirit the Hanhs Macaw has a toy that he puts on over his head, and talks to it, and grooms it like another bird! it is so funny!

My cockatiel, Casper, has a fake parrot that he sits on like a soft perch. So funny!

Lic. #8900341

I have two Cockatiels, Chico and Beaky.  Beaky has an overgrown beak that we have had trimmed several times and finely just let it grow until he sands beak down.

However BEAKY's claim to fame is not his "Wolf Whistles", His "Pretty,Pretty Birdie" brag but his " BARKING "   That's right Beaky BARKS!

We have 5 dogs( 2 large dobermans, American Spitz, and a PekaPoo and a MINPIN)) and a cat. We have to admit that Beaky doesn't meow, Doesn't mock the large Dobermans (thank heaven) or mock Spitz or PekaPoo. However BEAKY and Bruno, the MinPin " Bark" together. If I can shut the Minpin up I can't always shut Beaky up and Bruno gets blamed for lots of Beaky's barking.

When we had Tile floors installed over a period of several days BEAKY barked and Barked til one of workers said "if that was my dog ( thinking it was Bruno) I would strangle him".  Had a good laugh when they found out it was Beaky Bird.

Anne Lozano

Lic. #8900343

My two male cocketiels (Tarzan and Randy) can both "Wolf Whistle" and say "Pretty Bird." Whenever I walk to the cage they talk and whistle like crazy. Tarzan taps like a wood pecker on the food and water cups when they need a refill. Skywalker (Sky for short) walks upside down on the top of the cage and hangs there like a bat. Whenever I give my two doves (Athena and Persious) a twig they take it in thier beaks and drag it across the bars of the cage. All my birds are very special to me.

kenneth stuart

Lic. #8900345

My bragging begins with a sad tail. k.c was at a local pet shop because her owner didnt want her anymore her price had been reduced because she refused to talk and was aggressive to people. my wife decided to buy me another bird for christmas , but had decided to let me choose the one i wanted. We have five cockatiels, one quaker, two parakeets, three dogs and, four cats, also fish and one hamster named stewart. Well she tried to show me the blue & gold macaw and a few other birds, but the blue fronted amazon named k.c just stole my heart.

I went to her cage and released her, she went straight to my shoulder and nuzzled up against my head and cooed. The lady who was working at the pet store said that many people over the past year had tried to get near k.c, but had failed. She couldn't believe i was actually holding her , she couldn't even come close to k.c without getting bitten. So now k.c is sitting on my shoulder while I write this. I could have had birds four times her cost,but they could never touch me the way k.c has. Oh by the way, she talk's very well, even though the people at the pet shop said she had never spoke a word the whole year she was there. I guess she was just waiting until she came home.
Steven Rickard

Lic. #8900347

Camo is my husbands bird, (we aren't sure if he's a he or a she). Camo is a Senegal and was purchased for $83 and three days old. His mother pecked his toes, they are deformed. Chris hand fed Camo everyday, and in the middle of the night. He is such a special bird to Chris. I am lucky as well, now that were married, he's like my bird too.

Here is another reason I have to brag about Camo. Every once and a while I will walk out of a room or into the room and he will say "mommy!" This he got from Chris' sister Megan and Laura, but he says it all the time.

I apologize for the length of this, but he is a VERY special bird. Thanks for a fun site! I hope there are more like it.


Lic. #8900349

My new cockatiel is the joy of my life! She plays with my other two budgies and acts as thier body guard! She hasn't learned any words but that doesn't bother me!

Ashley Rooney

Lic. #8900351

I wanted to share a story of a bird my husband owned. His family had a scraggly old ugly black female dog named Yoda and this cute Pied cockateil named George. George would follow Yoda around, whistle (whooot whooo!) and then say "Hey Baby!" He thought Yoda was his girlfriend!

Thanks for letting me share!
Debbie Robinson

Lic. #8900353

My bird Pepper, a peach-faced lovebird, knows every sound and stage of the clothes washer and dryer. He flies to get me when they are finished, and loves to jump into the clean laundry. His favorite game is to run at and "charge" one of the pink washcloths as I wave it, as if he is a bull. I say "ole!" to him.

Linda Revere

Lic. #8900355

hi I have had two parakeets and they both say Jerry , Jerry when Jerry springer is on. It bobs it head and kisses em when i help it to the couch.

Lic. #8900357

My Archie is such a special bird to me. Him and I are buddies. I take him out and pet him and he loves it.

Lic. #8900359

I have my three birds Daisy, Spooky, and Dr. Evil and Spooky (which I had got from Bird Bytes webmaster) loves to cuddle up in your shirt when you hold him. He is sooo adorable!


Lic. #8900361

My birds name is B.B. and he can crow like a rooster. He can also wolf whistle and say "Pretty Bird". We also have another cockatiel named Screech and he likes to help play the guitar. My daughter has 2 cockatiels named Cookie and Cuddles and they like to terrorize the other birds. Our parakeet, Kiwi, thinks he is king of the roost and doesn't take any thing off of the other birds. Then we have Nike, a lovebird, and he and the parakeet are buddies. Nike will fly into the other rooms of the house to see what the other birds are doing. He also likes to play hide and seek.

Thanks for letting me brag about our birds.

Sandy G.

Lic. #8900363

I ran across your site while looking for bird links. Here is mine; I would be proud if you included it somewhere. Thanks,

Lic. #8900365

My aunt's African Gray, dances, sings, imitates bottle rockets, a pocket door, a garbage truck backing up, he burps, coughs, asks were your going, calls the dog, whistles, and when you give him a peanut he says: Thanks. And once, my dad gave him a pretzel and he said: What's that? And my dad said it's a pretzel. And he said: Oh. And ate it. So, that's my aunt's parrot for ya.

Dan & Kathy DeChamps

Lic. #8900367

Our bird'a name is Pince. He talks a lot, and says, "Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Peppers." He is a real gem.

Sincerely, Margaret and Frank

Lic. #8900369

I am owned by 24 diff. types of birds of which most(cockateils) will whistle a few words. The favorite of the lot is a Derbyan, Simon; who is the greatest talker...he'll call out,"Hello..Helloooooo" when I get home. Will tell me in a.m. when I'm leaving for work.."gotta go to work .,yes I do...I'll be back! "After giving everyone their greens..Simon will say "eat your vegetables...they're good for you". Whenever he and his mate get into an argument..he'll say. "Girlfriend....don't be naughty!!". When cleaning their messes...he'll call out.."messy~~messy babies".

I just wanted to brag a bit on my wonderful feathered friends. Thank you for this opportunity

{ }

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To receive your License to Brag,
submit your Bird's 'Tail' via E-MAIL TO:


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