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Lic. #8900371

Ziggy, my African Grey, yells out "SQUIRREL !!" every time he sees a squirrel invading our bird feeder outside the window.

Cherie Vergos ~"Pet Portraits by Cherie"

Lic. #8900373

Our cockatiel, Elvis, does to many things to mention, but one of the things is when we leave the house he'll wave his claw and say bye bye, and he'll wave hello. Very sweet bird. I highly recommend them.

Lic. #8900375

My Blue and Gold Macaw is amazing! He can open cupboards, throw food everywhere and even turn the water on in the kitchen sink or the bathroom. I often worry about my animals if something ever happened to me. But with Frances I have no worries. He can feed the other animals by simply opening up the cupboard, freezer, refrigerator and let them eat.

Robin Davis

Lic. #8900377

My bird was different from any other because he was the only cockatiel that stepped on my finger in the pet store and he had a really really good bond with me in like 2 days!!!!!!!

Sandra Garcia

Lic. #8900379

I recently got my first Macaw a baby blue & gold her name is carly, she is a sweetie. Although she is only 5 weeks old the first day we had her home I got my very first macaw hug :)  AWSOME!!!!   I think everybody needs a macaw lol

Crystal Davis

Lic. #8900381

My quaker is the best talker ever and loves me alone, haha. He is a male and has had several families, about 5 years old. I love him dearly.

marlene williams

Lic. #8900383

My cockateel's name is Liberty, she was born on 9/11/01 at 6:43 A.M. Pacific time, shortly before the second plane hit the South Tower! Tragedy and horrible grief turned into hope and joy for me (I'm a New Yorker). My Liberty is the best gift ever!!!

Fred Goraieb

Lic. #8900385

I havnt seem any articles on indian ring necks, suprised because they are good talkers. I have a 2 year old blue indian ring neck. she began talking when she was 8 months. Her first words were "how ya doin?" she also says "I love you", "I love you bird" "Iove you David", david which is my husbands name. she's very in love with her self, she says "pretty pretty bird" she also dances and whisles.

Adriane Zamora

Lic. #8900387

I have a Quaker Parrot who is 18 years old. He is the greatest..talks and sings. His name is Tonka. Thanks for your website, it is so informative.


Lic. #8900389

In Loving Memory to Tweety (2-23-02)

A Lutino cockateil very muched loved by her owner. She was one of a kind and beloved mate to Patches. Patches misses you and calls for you all day (Where's Tweety). Mother to Fuzzy who will now carry on without you. You were a good bird and I too will miss you.

Tony Calorel

Lic. #8900391

Sparky likes to dance to latin music and he likes to play with his ball and through it on the floor and chase it and bring it back to you. He has alot of personality he can take his plastic chain apart and put it back together. He is a quick learner.

Greg Brown

Lic. #8900393

Ruby is a 3 yr. old Red Lory that I just happened upon at the local pet store two years ago. She is so sweet and silly that it is difficult to choose just one story. She keeps us in stitches. Ruby says many words and phrases. She can even say full sentences. Once, when she fell to the bottom of her Macaw cage. I stood up and walked to her while saying, "Ruby! Are you OK?" She climbed all the up to her swing saying, "Ruby! Are you OK?" We had a laugh, and Ruby joined in. We decided that she was fine. Thanks for the braggin' time.

Nicole and John

Lic. #8900395

My 9 yr. old Goffins Cockatoo, MaiTai says "Give kisses" and "Get you, get you" and sticks her foot out of the cage for me to rub, while she is kissing me on the nose. This is the ritual before she's covered at night.

Marcia Stewart

Lic. #8900397

My bird, Sky, is special because she can make a conversation with anything!!!!!  If she hears a bird on T.V. she will answer back!!! She even talks to herself! It's so cute!!!!


Lic. #8900399

My birds name is Kippy and he is so cute. He's in love with the tea towel so whenever I take it out of the cupboard he runs up to me as fast as he can and starts wistling and bobing up and down. He recently fell in love with my teddy-bear as well and he does the same thing as he does to the tea-towel.

Janita Mitchell

Lic. #8900401

My cockatiel, Timmy, doesn't just wolf whistle, but he will also whistle a fabulous Loony Toons theme song, barks like a dog, and even worse, howls just like my cocker spaniel!!!


Lic. #8900403

I just recently adopted an eight year old cockatiel. i named him Tristan A Cockatiel and he could already speak english when i got him. my baby tiel, Henry The Bird, can only speak Cockatielian. anyway, my roommate has two cats. the other night, i let Tristan out and let him walk around on the floor. he walked right up to one of the cats and began repeating loudly and persistantly his token expression: "little birdie!" as if that wasn't funny enough, the cat got up, moved to another spot and Tristan followed the cat, still repeating loudly his "little birdie" phrase. this went on for about two minutes, all the while, the cat moving and tristan following and irritating the cat, just like a two-year old child. i love my birdies!!!

Jennifer Krogmier

Lic. #8900405

Two years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer and a friend said that I need to have a hobby. We went to a pet store and Charly found me. We have been together ever since. He is a 2 year old quaker and is the delight of my life. He talks, dances and does so many different things. My other bird is a double yellow amazon named YoYo, he was abused and when a friend saw how we got along he gave her to me. My birds are the high light of my life.


Lic. #8900407

My 9 year old sun conure named Ace is quite a character. She follows me around all over the house, can go to her cage all by herself-if I am in another room and tell her to do so, potty trained, loves Q-tips, barks like a dog, play knock knock whose there, dances to many types of music, says be quiet, i love you mom, off to work, hello, cherrio, repeats sleep and makes a snoring sound when I put her final covers on at night, and eats a variety of people foods. She also is very loving and gives many kisses. Sorry for such a long brag, but Ace is one of the joys of my life.


Lic. #8900409

When I am with my cockotiel shes quiet and when i leave she starts to squack like crazy.

Paresh Patel

Lic. #8900411

We are owned by a 5 month old Male Umbrella Cockatoo. His name is Harley and what a doll he is! My hubby bought him for me for our 35th anniversary. Best gift I think I have ever received. He has become my world.......what a joy he has brought to our home. My hubby built him a custom cage and it is beautiful. He is very special to the both of us. Just starting to learn to talk. He says Daddy very plain. GRRRR

Kansas City

Lic. #8900413

My 9-month-old cockatiel, Peaches, is such a clever little birdy. He has learned to do an impression of our telephone ring that is so realistic, we often run for the phone before we realize it's just Peaches that's ringing. Of course, while we're up, we have to give head rubs. Looks as if Peaches is training us well!

Laura Maceli

Lic. #8900415

Frankenstien (aka Franky) my cockateil lives to annoy my husband. He is such a perfect angel to me, but will growl at my husband if he tryes to touch him. He can whistle pretty bird, Franks a pretty bird, Franks a dork, he does catcalls at my husband, and my favorite thing..he laughs with me. If i laugh he will laugh along with me. He is such a joy to have and i wouldn't trade him for anything.

Brandee & Franky

Lic. #8900417

My four month old Quaker, Stitch, has already started talking quite a bit. My favorite thing she just started doing is when I tell her, "Gimme a kiss" she makes a kissing sound. I always tell her, "Thank you". She can now say "Gimme a kiss" and when I give her a kiss she now says "Thank you" back. When I tell her she's a pretty bird, she does the wolf whistle and she loves to play peek-a-boo. Although, all she can say so far is eek-a-oo. Thanks for letting me brag.

Doyle Turney

Lic. #8900419

My parrot, Freddy is 1 1/2 years of age and whenever I turn on some music he starts to dance. He bobs his head up and down to the sound.


Lic. #8900421

Sam is our two yr. old White Eyed Cinure. He say's almost anything he hears. When he see's a blond he shouts, Heeey BaaaByyyyy. He calls the dogs by name and when he see's me hand feeding babies he call's the cat, like "come eat these things".

Dan Tarrant, Alabama

Lic. #8900423

My cockatiel loves to stick his head in my hand when i put on my mascara. He gets his head shaken around and starts singing the Andy Griffith song all while looking at himself in the mirror.

Jackson - Long Beach,CA

Lic. #8900425

Hi...........We have a Male Umbrella cockatoo named Harley. What a hoot he has become. He entertains us for hours. Of course he is the only pet we have so we have hours for him. LoL I am a stay at home cockatoo Mom. Harley's cage is by a window. When he see's my husband red truck pull up after he has been at work. He starts hollering DaDa DaDa and dances around. So I then know it is time to put supper on the table.

Sandy Tubbs

Lic. #8900427

I am the proud owner of a 6 month old Timneh African Grey. Her name is Gabby. She is my first bird....and I love her with all of my heart. She has earned her name very well, and while she really has never spoken "people words" yet, she sings and talks all the time. She gets the first half of a wolf whistle out. The other day my dog Buddy was trying to look at her through her cage, and she reached out and bit buddy on the nose. It was so funny....that will teach him to be a peeping doggie. Thanks for letting me brag. Its very fun being owned by a bird.


Lic. #8900429

My Husband has a yr. old Blue and Gold Macaw named Makalea. When my husband tells Makalea to roll over he just plops over so he can be tickled and laughs. He then lets my husband pick him up by his feet and laughs with him upside-down. I have never seen anything like it. I have a 1 1/2 yr old African Grey named Kuumaka (the apple of my eye). Hey tells me, "Mama, I love you" "What are you doing" tells my 8 month old Cockatoo "Huapala is a pretty girl" (She is very beautiful and smart) and says"Makalea come on step up NOW!! just to name a few. Sorry for so much bragging but you cannot brag on one and not the others    :)


Lic. #8900431

My cockatiel (Zoey) hates when I leave her all alone. If I leave the room she escapes out of her cage and comes looking for me. I also have a cockatoo (Sparky) and when ever I come in the room he starts dancing and says "let me outta here"!!! Also anything I eat he has to have. Thanx for letting me brag about my birds.

Jenny Baker

Lic. #8900433

Hi...I have a male umbrella cockatoo named Rocky. He is the love of my life, and the best birthday present I have ever recieved. When ever he hears a noise that is not familiar to him when I am holding him, he has now learned to say, "What was that!" He is so funny!

Judi Dadtka

Lic. #8900435

My bird Coco is a 1 year old cockatoo. She hates bannanas and my dog Roxy. She loves to sqawck.


Lic. #8900437

Our 4 yr. old African Gray, watches as my husband gets ready for work. When my husband opens the front door to leave he yells, I love you, drive slow, wear your seat. He never seems to finish seatbelt. Thanks for listening.

Betty -- Hyde Park, N.Y.

Lic. #8900439

We got a quaker parrot, Gigi, about 2 years ago. She says pretty bird and loves to whistle. When we first got though, she started to bark! We thought it was a dog but no, it was her. Then we remebered that she had a best friend at her old house, a dog! She is adorable!

Lic. #8900441

I have a little parolett, his name is gizmo and he talks and a sinegal, his name is Sinbad , he likes to talk and whistle and memic all the noises that he hears in the house. thank you for letting me tell you about them.

Frances Goates

Lic. #8900443

My two cockatiels, Taffy and Kona are the most patriotic birds you ever saw! They can even sing "Your a Grand Old Flag"!

melanie hanus

Lic. #8900445

I have a quaker parrot named Gigi. Her old owner had a dog. so she isn't too scared of cats. In fact, we feed stray cats outside. When she sees them through the glass door, she fights with them! When my best friends got kittens, we put her in front of one, and she charged at them! She's a nut!


Lic. #8900447

Hercule is our active and affectionate year-old budgie. This little fellow likes to "cook"-- he takes the larger seeds in his mix over to his water dish and drops them in. He comes back when they've gotten soft, fishes them out, puts them on a flat section of the dish, works it over with his beak, and eats his "parrot porridge". He will also bolt out of his cage if anyone is eating fruit, take a nibble, chew on the napkin to wipe his beak, then take off for his cage again.

He is also (mostly) paper trained, flying back to his cage to do his business, and back again to his grateful human flock. Of course while he was learning this he first got it exactly reversed...

Lynn and Mark

Lic. #8900449

My quaker, Moochie, will not be ignored. She yells "Commere!" I say "What do you want?" and she says "Moochie want kisses!" or she will say "I'll rub your belly!" Gotta love quakers.

Jane in Missouri

Lic. #8900451

About 3 months ago I received the largest and the smallest of my 9 birds due to the death of a "friend of a friend" who wanted 4 birds kept together. Rocky is a "self plucked" half moon conure who is now letting his feathers grow back!!! He hollers "rock rock, rock rock" when ever one of the "human" flock is near. When he thinks he is ignored he goes into a squawking tirade!

My other license to brag is my youngest (10 yr old) son's more than mine. Sinbad is a 16 yr old female military macaw. When I got her she would not talk or let no one near her. One day she decided my youngest son was "her's". She tries to nest in his closet and is still the only one who can always touch her. She goes down the hall saying "kisss, kissss" (she cannot say Chris) then goes and gets him up by climbing under the covers with him and snuggling with him. If anyone, even me go near my son, we have to be fast or get chased, probably caught and bit! Thanks for the chance to brag!

Karen Fisher

Lic. #8900453

I am owned by 7 cockatials, two lovebirds, and 1 budgie. these friends are all very special because they have come a long way from where they were before they found me. each was poorly housed, poorly feed, and rarely felt the loving touch of human hands. though alot of work and alot of patience over the last few months they have all become very social with human contact and even call out to us when they know we are running late for playtime. they now can enjoy being loved and thats alot to brag about :-)

Lic. #8900455

Malikii, our 4 year old Jenday Conure, calls my granddaughter wakeup, cause each morning when I would wake her up for school I would say to her, It's time to WAKE UP, and then she would come out of her room,so he thought that was her name. He still to this day calls her WAKE UP.

She is also afraid of Malikii, cause when we first got him he mistakenly bite her ear. Now when he sees her coming from her room he will run over to the door and chase her back into her room. Leaving her yelling for grandma!! While he is laughing!!!!

Paula Richards from Windsor, Maine

Lic. #8900457

Zazoo our Sun Conure loves for us to sing Pretty Bird to her and as we do she will swing and sway for as long as we keep it up.

Also her and our Jenday, Malikii, both love to give kisses!

Paula Richards from Windsor, Maine

Lic. #8900459

My orange winged amazon checkers is very speical because he is like part of the family ! Just like my own human son!  Checkers talks well sings and dances and learns very well!!

Checkers mom

Lic. #8900461

hi I have a green-cheek conure named Prince Phillip. He says "Good-morning" first thing in the AM and "Come here" when he wants to be picked up. However, the funniest thing he has ever said was when I had the flu. I was stuck in bed for almost a week and really congested. I woke up one afternoon to him making these funny grunting/gravelly noises. I pondered them for a minute and then started to crack up laughing. He was immatating me... snoring!!!! I never would have believed that I snored unless HE had told me. LOL

Alison Windham

Lic. #8900463

Hi! I have a quaker parrot,Gigi, and she is very funny. I have written about her before, but she is very special. She will put her head in your hand and waits for you to start shaking your hand. She is very funny!


Lic. #8900465

Not long ago my teal Tori (japanese for bird) escaped into the wild, he was a great friend and will be sorely missed. He would fly to my hand, tap his beak on the wall when I tapped on the keyboard, throw anything he found off the table and put himself back in the cage at night.

Sometimes he'd talk to my feet and would say "tori tori tori" or the dog's name when she got too close to him or barked. It was so lonely without him I went out and got another teal called jirra. named after godzilla because he wanders around my model park and terrorises the plastic people.

Karen   '~.~'

Lic. #8900467

I have two congo african greys. Both talk very well. The female makes this really annoying cat fight sound, and every time she does it the male says "shut up". They will do this over and over. The two of them are like a comedy act.

Matt Humes

Lic. #8900469

My husband has a cockateil, has had him since his mom resuced him from a feed store, and brought him home to Chris about 2 years ago. The only thing really special is thier (Chris and Rocky's) realtionship. Rocky won't let anyone (not even Chris) near him, cage cleaning is tolterated, but Rocky actually talks and whistles. He likes to chant "hello pretty bird" or "come here shorty" and has several songs that he whistles The Mexican Hat Dance and the Andy Grifith theme to name a few. Chris is confident that when Rocky is ready he will come to us.

Malinda and Chris in Texas

Lic. #8900471

I love my 3yr old cockatiel.  She doesn't talk but when you say "hailey" she squawks like she is trying to say what, and she is also the household alarm clock.

Jessica in FL

Lic. #8900473

I have two budgies and a baby cockatiel on the way (still being handfed by the breeder) The budgies names are Petey and Chip and they are little sweethearts.  When I come up to their cage to say hi to them, they give me kisses through the bars.   And when I leave in the morning to go to work, they chirp really loud as if saying "Don't go!"   Thanks for letting me share, I hope to have some cute stories about my new baby cockatiel soon!

Britany from Utah

Lic. #8900475

I had Groucho (african parrot) outside.    My neighbor came by carrying her toy poodle, and Groucho looked at the dog and said "you look funny without a beak."  We both cracked up laughing.  Thanks for the space.


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