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Lic. #8900477

Mangobirdie (pictured above) will be 6 in June.  He has owned me since he was 6 months old.    His vocabulary is limited to "Hello" sounds more like Helwo, lol.   He also can say my name Karen and he always says it twice. sounds like "Kawen, Kawen".   He loves to play & say "Peek a Boo"!   Another favorite is "Out now."    He loves to take a bath or shower, and I cannot say either word unless I am going to give him one otherwise I have to spell it.    Thanks ~ Kawen

Karen M.

Lic. #8900479

We have a 5 year old Sun Conure named Cuervo. The first day we brought him home he picked up my husbands laugh. He laughs so hard and throws his head back like a person does when they are laughing hard. His laugh will bring you right out of any fowl (ha ha) mood. He also coughs, says his name and hello, dances to any music. He loves to call the kitty, say kiss kiss, and night night when we put him down. He makes sounds of doors squeaking and telephone ringing. We were told when we purchased him that they would not talk ....well I have news for you they do... and they are a lot of fun to have around. He is a great form of entertainment and a great companion. He loves to snuggle with us when we watch TV. His favorite TV shows are ones with laugh tracks....He laughs with them.


Lic. #8900481

My pet parakeet Bella (seven months) is so cute and funny. The other day I was in the kitchen making a prepared biscuit mix and Bella flew right to the bowl and stuck her face in the mix. Her beak was covered with batter and she loved it. I call her my little shadow because now she is always on my shoulder following me to the kitchen to see what she can taste now. She loves fruit, crackers, pizza crust, rice and now biscuits..

Lori R. Arnold
Woodside, New York

Lic. #8900483

My pet cockatiel, Caesar is very special to me. He is able to whistle the theme songs to the television show The Simpsons. Every day, like clockwork, he will start to whistle it when its almost time to watch.

Chris Pagan
Las Vegas, NV

Lic. #8900485

Oskar, my 3 year old African Grey, is bilingual. In the mornings if he hears me and I haven't gone to say hello to him yet he will call out Hellooooooo! If he hears my husband he says Buenos dias! Actually, he has an incredible vocabulary including asking for his food and telling my children off when they start yelling at each other. He also barks like the dogs, whistles like the canaries and I can't tell you how many times we have gone to answer the phone thinking it was ringing. And he laughs exactly like me, which gets us all laughing!

Thank you for this page and for your site!

Torremolinos, Spain

Lic. #8900487

My cockatiel is the best she tries to eat my eyes and I love her so much. Her name is Star. I love her and she loves me too.


Lic. #8900489

This is a story about our almost 5 year old parrot named Shiraz. She is a Lilac-Crowned Amazon. This story takes place 2 years ago when our family took a trip to Mexico. The lady who usually took care of our parrots had moved so we asked the manager of the pet store we bought them off of to watch them for the week. We had 2 parrots then. A Blue-Headed Pionus named Oliver who was just a little baby and Shiraz. We were gone for 1 week.

When we got home, we went to pick our birds up and the lady told us a hilarious story of what had happened while we were away. Some guy came to interview the lady because of the birds. He had dread locks in his hair. Shiraz had taken a liking to him so he decided to hold her. She thought the dreadlocks looked cool so decided to climb onto his shoulder. He allowed her to do so and she immediatly climbed into his hair! She started swinging around in his dreadlocks and they couldn't get her out! This guy is freaking out! Finally they got Shiraz out of his hair. The lady had us laughing so hard at what our Amazon did. A week later we went to the pet store to say hi.

The lady told us that after the guy left her house, he went and shaved off his hair!! We were laughing so hard at that. Luckily Shiraz matured some and never did that again.

Shelly Hulzinga

Lic. #8900491

I wanted to brag about our Greenwing ,APPLE! We work in the fashion world. I am a celb. makeup artist and my partner a fashion photographer. We have had our Apple since she was 30 days old. She is now 1 yr. She is the luckiest bird in the world and knows it. SHE GOES EVERYWHERE WITH US!!

She has got to meet many famous people, and how she loves the attention. She also got to do her first photo shoot yesterday for a magazine in Puerto Rico. SHE IS A PRO!!! Our Apple is the center of our lives. She thinks she is not a bird. But a person. Every morning she climbs in the bed to wake us up. She is a talker and is even potty broken. Her favorite time of the day is to lay on my chest like a baby. And stretch her wings around me and go to sleep.It is the strangest thing to why she does it. But We think it is the way of saying, THANKS FOR A GOOD LIFE! She has more toys from us, models, and our family than Toys R US. She also loves to play games of pick a boo, and chase.

OUr Apple is the world to us. And could not imagine life with out her.

Enrique currero and Apple

Lic. #8900493

My bird Lewis is very smart, He is a cockatiel. He Says 10 Phrases, Eats when you eat and Copies Tunes. When He sees Our Cat he says "Puss Puss Kitty". We have 2 other birds he likes to me loud when they our out. If I let him out while I eat he take some and runs away with it and eats it.

Lic. #8900495

Morgan is a Lutino Cockotiel. I really do not know if it is a Morgan or a Morgina yet. But it looks like an old man with its bald spot on the back of it's head so I assumed it is a male. Morgan reminds me of a man with a balding spot on the back of his head. Morgan may never talk as I am mute but he is already copying my whistle that I use when I call my dog, Magic. Morgan also has told the cat, Tom Tom who is boss in the family...he is!, not the cat. Morgan thumped the cat on the nose and the cat has been cautious of that squawkie bird ever since. Morgan was purchased after my father passed away to help me get over my depression. Morgan loves being on my shoulders and he is so affectionate. He has this special squawk he gives when he wants me to come get him. I open the door to the cage and he jumps onto it and wait for my finger to get on it so he can be lifted the rest of the way out. Altho I still have my depression, Morgan has given me many happy times and since he is a young bird I hope to have many years of happiness with him. Morgan rides around the house on my shoulder while I am in my power wheelchair. When he falls to the floor I put my foot out and Morgan climbs on my toes and then starts walking up my leg to my hand so he can get back on my shoulder again. Like I said, Morgan may never learn to talk and that is ok, I like his noises.

Morgan's friend

Lic. #8900497

My husband and I have three parrots. A Congo African Grey (Beakman), an umbrella cockatoo (Sidney) and a red lorde amazon (Popeye). When the cockatoo and amazon start screaming in unison Beakman will say "Be quiet, shhhhhhh, Popeye stop it, Sidney no no. He is my bird noise monitor. He also will reprimand the cat when he is clawing the carpet. He will say Dufuss, no no no. They all have their own unique personalities and I love them all! Beakman has appx. a 300 word vocabulary and every morning when I leave for work he sends me of with "Bye bye, I got to go to work, have a nice day, I love you" and then makes a kiss noise. What a way to start your day!

Traci Buck

Lic. #8900499

My baby Sydney 5 yrs old mini Macaw isn't so happy now. I brought home a 4 month old Congo Grey and she hates him. She will squawk as loud as she can when I show him any attention but if I play with her first and say I need to play with the baby now she will say ok and be quite. Buddy cant really talk yet but he is doing baby grunts and every once and a while will wolf whistle ty for time to brag


Lic. #8900501

Sweetie, my cockatiel, is the best thing I ever had! I can't ask for a better bird who flies on my shoulder all the time! She is so smart!

Whitney, age 11

Lic. #8900503

My 2 year old quaker Elliot loves the song Manamana by The Muppets. To wake me up on Saturday morning he sings "manamana do do do do do" over and over a little louder each time until I wake up and take him out of his cage.


Lic. #8900505

My 7 month old female cockateil-Pennelope- knows how to say "hey baby", and she always rubs her head up and down on my cheek or lips! cockateils are one of the most loving birds!

Lic. #8900507

My pet sunshine is the most cutest bird in the world he is so cute!!!!!!!!!!


Lic. #8900509

My name is Ryan. I have a indian ring neck. He is very smart, when I take out his food he is very happy to see it. He is 9 years old and very cute. He is very funny because at 3:00 P.M he starts pulling at his cover because he is ready to go to bed. But my mom will tell him it is to early to go to bed. We put him to bed at 6:00 P.M. His name is Phil.

Ryan Barth

Lic. #8900511

My 3 cockatiels, Dr. Hook, Dizzy, and Arlo are my best friends.  They share
a huge parrot cage as home. I also have a pet hampster named Houdini, because you cannot cage this
hamster.   When Houdini does his disappearing act, i will call out "where has that little chicken gone to hide?" so now when
the tiels see him they all do a chicken imitation to let me know that they have spotted Houdini.
They flap their wings and do a chicken call, it is so cute to watch.

Bird Slave

Lic. #8900513

I have two; "No. 1" bird is a 4 yr old male Senegal I "hand-raised" from a chick, and "No. 2" bird is a 3 1/2 yr old female Blue-Front Amazon I purchased at 6 months. Sundance (the Senegal) purrs like a cat and makes a not-so-nice-sounding "body-function" noise! He likes to run Choo Choo (the Blue-Front) off her perch. Although she is four times his size, he terrorizes her. They are both so sweet individually, and generally behave when I carry one on each shoulder. They do "kiss-kiss" by putting beaks towards my face. Choo Choo likes to say "atta baby" when she does something clever. She says many, many more things, but I don't want to overdo it. She also shakes hands and imitates my answering machine!

Sundance taps his beak on the table when he wants to be scritched, and loves to go head-first into my coffee cup to get the very last drop on the bottom. Can you picture a little green tail sticking up out of a coffee-cup and the rest of him is inside? Hilarious!

Ree B.
Sundance and Choo Choo

Lic. #8900515

Solley, my 6 year old nanday conure, can imitate the ding of the microwave as it finishes cooking.
He does this as soon as he hears the microwave door open!
He can also make the noise of pouring liquid, and gives away my husband
when he has quietly gone to pour himself another whisky!


Lic. #8900517

Hi, my female quaker parrot LILO is just the sweetest lil' thing. I've had her for nearly 4 months, she grows like a tiger, she can "wave" and "turn-around", she is friendly with everyone (except my mum, she doesn't like her at all for some reason?). She gives me kisses, she quacks like a duck, and she lets me pat her wherever!

'Cya, Ingrid (LILO: quack quack)
Melbourne, Australia

Lic. #8900519

I have two parakeets, Bubbles and Sonic. They are 4 month old brothers also. Anyway they have swinging contests (isn't that funny). First Sonic will jump on their little toy swing and start shaking his body to get the swing going and when the swing starts going he stops and holds on with all his might. After a minute or so he gets tired and it is then Bubbles' turn. So far Bubbles holds the record (which is over a minute).

Sabrina Dingle, Apple Valley, CA

Lic. #8900521

I have two Eclectuses (Ozzy and Scarlet) who wolf whistle whenever I drop something. Ozzy frequently goes up to Scarlet and says in a deep sexy voice Hey Baby/Babe how ya doin’? I don’t know where he learned this but its very funny. Scarlet always replies with a ‘Hey Oz my man’ or a ‘Sorry I’m busy weirdo’ depends on her mood. Ozzy doesn’t seem to care though. These two birds are both 1 ˝ years old and very special to me

Rob Lumgair

Lic. #8900523

My little lovebirds are awesome they make peeping noises all the time when I hold them and they are very active!


Lic. #8900525

My Parrot Mykah sings the oscar meyer weiner song everytime i say "HOTDOG!!"

Ashley Passamonte
Erie, PA

Lic. #8900527

I was going to name my Grey Rip Van Winkle at first since he rips everything within his grasp, however, in April on my birthday the following happened.

I chose to name my African Grey "Toot."   The reason for this is that his previous owners (I was for-warned of the probability he would continue this behaviour after I adopted him) that he learned to vocalize the fart sound of a large human man and then follows it by swearing the G.. word.

I had actually forgotten that I was told Toot (original name was Yoda) was capable of such behaviour, but after 4 months in my home and on my birthday, he belted out several fart sounds and followed them with the GD word.  He farts more than whistles!

What a life.

I will never have a bible study in my home.

Have a great day!


Lic. #8900529

I have a 9 year old Senegal parrot that I rescued. He is so special!  His name is Rodney, and he is handicapped.  He cannot fly because his previous owner's dog got him and broke his wing.  Well, now, he is a Therapy Animal (goes to nursing homes, hospitals, schools etc) and MY Service Animal.   So yes, my boy Rodney is VERY special indeed!

Brittney Criscoe

Lic. #8900531

Our flock consists of 5 special birds. Cookie, Bam Bam, Java, and Aliyah are such sweet Cockatiels who have their own personalities and charm us daily. Cookie and Bam Bam beg for our human food, and most of the time we will give in to their demand. Our Gold-Capped Conure Zeuss, is so smart and comical. She is potty-trained, understands 6-8 words, coos when we sing to her, and anytime a female visits us she immediately goes to her bell to welcome them. Our flock gets time out of their cages frequently to fly and mingle with each other; it's been a "family affair" for sometime now. We love them so much!!!!!

Debbie B. and Denise F. East Windsor, NJ

Lic. #8900533

Hi budgie has an extraordinary vocabulary but one of the sentences he says is "Hello your so pretty..what's your name, my name is Jojo Ryan, I'm a budgie, I talk".   He is amazing, he also does the moon walk (like Michael Jackson) and gives great kisses.   I love him so much.

Deb Ryan

Lic. #8900535

My Adorable Cleo

Cleo, my female green budgie probably somewhere between 10-12 months , was a funny girl.She used to somersault in the perch everytime her cage was opened and her friend was let out, pull the swing bells and drop them into water bowl and taught her friend by pushing the bells on to his face..Very adorable and funny she was. Sadly we lost her to a stray cat.Love you cleo..Always will

Maadhuri Pret

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