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Meet Mr. Happy
Meet Mr. Happy, a white ringnecked Dove

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At Bird Bytes it's never a drag to let you brag! We're bird lovers too, and we all need a place to tell of our birdees latest talents without the friends and family rolling their eyes at you ("yeah, yeah, that's nice...). We know everyone's bird is uniquely funny, clever, and talented

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Lic. #8900537

Guy and Beaker are 2 male lineolated parakeets. Beautiful, playful, and chirping sounds are soft. They both love papaya, and if the papaya piece is too hard, Guy runs to his water cup and dips it inside. Then he holds the papaya in his feet 'til he's all done! If he could, he would probably say "what else is on the menu?"

Rose Bird

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To receive your License to Brag,
submit your Bird's 'Tail' via E-MAIL TO:

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