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My Parrot's Tale

Rosita and 1st Parakeet, Cookie

Yes that's me, Rosita, with my very 1st parrot!     It's my parakeet, Cookie!

I was almost 6 years old and it was the christmas season. Just another ordinary day at home just before bedtime. My parents were fussing over taking a picture of our pretty parakeet on my finger. Our beautiful parakeet was completely white and her name was cookie. I really didn't know what the fuss was about. I was already in my pajamas when they insisted I take a picture with cookie. They decided I should sit on the couch and they would put Cookie on my finger. I liked the idea until cookie got on my finger.....and ouch did those little claws hurt. The picture was taken. It's an old black and white photo, and I simply love it. Cookie was much more adorable than I was. And that's how my love for parakeets began. It was completely my parents fault, and I am so grateful.

As I grew older all parakeet responsibilities were mine. My siblings weren't as happy to see them as I was when we got home from school. It was my duty to call them "silly babies" whenever they made the food tray fall to the floor. Yeah, I cleaned their cages, and let them fly around my room while I did my homework. Only problem was getting them back in the cage when it was time for me to have dinner. I wouldn't leave them alone knowing all to well that they would seek out all the things I did not let them gnaw on the minute I walked out. Gosh, it was hard getting them back in the cage. Eventually, they'd fly back home.

As a teenager, I was able to buy the parakeets on my own and sneak them into the apartment we lived in New York . Of course, my mom always knew what was in that little box in my jacket. It was ANOTHER PARAKEET and to her it meant "more mess"! I usually kept 4 keets at a time.

When I moved into my own place, I was FREE...and my flock grew to about 25 parakeets. I now had a home to myself, and was able to live my dream and breed my parakeets, without having to hear my mother's disapproval. She simply didn't understand that one or two parakeets were just not enough!

Yet, I wasn't very lucky with parakeets breeding until my brother brought parakeets for his children. They began to breed and I was so jealous. So he promised he'd give me two parakeets that would definitely breed for me. I was thrilled the day I got home from work to find my two new keets. I named them Pilot and Copilot. They were the beginning of my new journey breeding keets.

There was a slight problem though. You see, as baby keets I didn't know what gender they were. It turned out my brother had given me two female keets. What now? Luckily, two of my other keets were male, and they took one look at those lovely green keets and fell instantly in love. So up the breeding boxes went, and to my amazement, they each chose a separate breeding box at opposite ends of their very large cage. Both pairs of parakeets started breeding at the same time. I knew my brother wouldn't let me down.

Pilot and Copilot were both green. One male keet was green and yellow, and the other male keet was blue and white. When I saw the first egg in the box I was so thrilled to know a baby was growing! Seventeen days later, in the early morning hour, I heard a tiny little chirping noise and I knew the baby was ready to come out of the egg. Since they were in the breeding box, I couldn't see anything going on inside, but the noises allowed me to follow the process of the egg breaking and baby appearing! I'M A MOMMY!! I showed all my family members the babies, and of course, they thought they were "sort of...ugly"….big head, little body, and no feathers. But what do they know? Once their feathers came in they were in love with them! Who on earth could resist such adorable parakeets?

So that was the beginning of my life as the "bird lady" in the neighborhood. I sold the keets to a local Pet Shop. It made me feel good to know other people could enjoy these little feathered beauties.

Pilot just wouldn't stop breeding! She had clutches of 5 or 6 eggs one after the other. I loved each time a bird was born. It was my private moment of "the miracle of life" each time a keet was born.

Pilot was an excellent mother. Never leaving her clutch, keeping them warm and nourished. She loved breeding. Copilot had one clutch of 4 keets....and one only! She was a good mommy, but I had to clean up the babies twice a day because that box was a mess. Then she just stopped breeding on her own. That was fine with me because Pilot just kept on going. Eventually, I took the box away, and with much dislike, she stopped breeding.

My Pilot died a year or two later, and to my surprise, I still have Copilot. She's such a good keet. She's now 15 years old, and the best gift my brother ever gave me. He told me with so much confidence that they will breed....and breed they did!

Although I have other birds, Parakeets have always been my favorite! They're small, colorful, playful, and filled with so much energy! People say I'm obsessed with birds and they're right! I don't know if this makes any sense, but I must've been a bird in a previous life…that's my only explanation for my enormous love of birds!

Rosita M.

My Parrot's Tale: By Karen Hahn

I got my start 3 years ago. started when I went to my friends candle lite party. and the end of the party her daughter, had two pet's she was giving away. so I told her I will take the lovebird.

it was strange because, just not less that a year ago. my husband had bought me Two birdcages. and I had no birds. they were used, but! we bought them for a great price. one was for a larger size parrot. the other was a flight cage.

so I had brought him home with me. at the time her name was Archie. she was told she was a he. then about 20 days later, I went and bought me another lovebird. "female". and they got along great! then there was a little to much eggs for one bird.

well that prompted me to buy two more lovebirds "males" and now I have and Aviary of lovebirds...

one Cherry headed conure, budgies, red rumped parrots, and cockatiels! I have always been exposed to birds. my husband used to raise roller pigeons. and my daughter always had cockatiels, and budgies...

Birds are very addictive!! I think I need to quit collecting though. because even though, the majority of birds, are outside. there are still the ones inside. and they can be loud at times. but at least they do sleep through the night!

and that is my story...

Live ~ Love ~ Laugh


My Parrot's Tale: By Kelly, from Connecticut

Here is how my life got started with parrots:

My husband and I have always been animal lovers. We have 1 dog. It was my husband's birthday and we were spending the day together. We were to be married in the near future, and I had 1 errand to do at the shoe store. I didn't want him to see my wedding shoes, so he went into the pet store next-door in the plaza.

There was a parakeet in a cage with a sign that read "7 year old male. Friendly. $30 including cage." The parakeet jumped right up onto his finger. So, especially with it being his birthday and all, I bought it for him. It was a very cool little bird. My husband's mother never let him have pets growing up, and I already had my dog (now our dog) when I met him, so this was officially "his" first pet. He named the parakeet "Tiki."

I had a coworker who loved birds, and had 12 of her own. She would tell me funny stories about them. I found it very cute and fascinating, and that is probably what sparked my interest in birds other than parakeets. Five months after getting Tiki, a Sun Conure at the pet store caught my eye. He was clinging to the front of the cage staring at me. It was weird that he seemed to connect with me, and that I was drawn to him with all of the other birds in the store... he was kind of set back and not in a central location. The sign on his cage reflected that he hatched the day after our wedding. I thought about this bird for a week after seeing him.

Fully understanding the commitment you take on when you adopt or purchase a bird, we researched Sun Conures for over a week. While they are certainly not the right choice for everybody due to their extremely loud, high pitched screams, etc., my husband and I decided that it was right for us. We both are extremely patient and love all animals. The clown-like personality of the Sun Conure won us over. We adopted him and named him "Rico." He was 3.5 months old at the time.

Tiki and Rico quickly became friends. Unfortunately, 5 months later, Tiki died. He had a tumor. We only had Tiki for 10 months, but we were devastated. My husband lost his first pet. Rico was now 8.5 months old.

Not even a full week after Tiki died, my cousin found a parakeet in a busy hospital parking lot. It needed a home. It seemed like fate and we definitely wanted to keep him. I brought him straight to the vet just in case he was sick or contagious; I didn't want Rico to catch anything from him.

While I was at the vet with this new parakeet, I saw a flyer for 2 birds who needed a home. A Sun Conure and a Hahn's Macaw. It said they shared a cage, were the best of friends, had good personalities, but due to a new baby they were no longer getting the attention that they deserved. They were 5 years old. I thought it was crazy to even consider it, but I brought the flyer home and talked about it with my husband. Again, it is not the right choice for everyone, and I urge everybody to please make sure you understand the commitment when you take home a bird, but for us, it was the right decision and we decided to adopt them. Their names are Maestro & Hahnsie.

So we then had 4 birds (all within 1 year): A parakeet, 2 Sun Conures, and a Hahn's Macaw. Because the 3 bigger birds hang out on our shoulders, etc., the parakeet would get lonely when we'd all leave the room. So we got him a parakeet friend. They are now best friends. Their names are Louis & Pinot.

We now have 5 birds... and that is our story! It definitely took time (and patience!) to get a routine going. A routine is very important for them and for you. It's been 3 years now and we absolutely love them. It is A LOT of work, but we find it rewarding and we enjoy it. They are good boys (most of the time!)    ;o)

"You get out of it what you put into it."

~Kelly from CT~
P.S. You can find pictures of all five of our babies in Bird Bytes Photo Gallery 5

My Parrot's Tale: By Marcia Stewart

I've always been enthralled with birds. My mother always had a canary. When I married, my mother in law had a parrot of some type. She didn't know what kind it was but looking back I think it may have been a conure and she had canaries as well. I started with Budgies, just one at a time. My then husband was not into having birds around.

Years later I got my first cockatiels then some budgies and decided to try my hand at breeding them. My goodness, they were all prolific breeders. I now have an aviary with cockatiels and a cage with only two Budgies. I got some Zebra finches and I guess we all know they are practically like rabbits. I soon had to separate the males from the females. I also have a Green Singing finch that is 14 yrs. old. I got him and a hen all those long years ago. Unfortunately the hen flew out of the cage and crashed into a window and broke her neck. Sad day for me and Freddie, her mate. I was not able to locate another one so he has his own place now next to my canary (separate cages). They are now trying to out sing one another! Very cheerful.

I also have MaiTai, my Goffin's cockatoo, who is the most amusing bird. I got him from my daughter who was breeding a lot of parrots at the time and I finished hand feeding him. He is also 14 yrs. old. I got him and the Green singers at the same time. He still calls for our Cocker Spaniel, Cody, who passed away several years ago. We have three other dogs and he calls them all Cody!! He talks a lot and knows what he's talking about. When I'm covering my birds at night, he says to me, Give my kissa. He always adds an A to the end of kiss. Or he says I want my kissa, in a very demanding tone of voice. When I give him his bath he say, Yeah, baba. Meaning baby. He sounds Italian. Too funny.

Anyway I'm a senior in my 70's now and keep saying, No more birds. But I have my eye on a lovely yellow canary with black circles around his eyes, who I would name Bandit, of course. He may be my Christmas present to myself. Lol! All in all I have 11 cockatiels, 1 Goffins, 2 Budgies, 3 Zebra finches, 2 Society finches, 1 Green Singing finch and my canary, Buttercup. They are a lot of work but I love them to pieces.

Marcia Stewart

My Parrot's Tale: By Cathy Tatum

I was raised with animals. I had a pet goose when I was a child that would lay in my lap until he grew up. I never really thought about having a bird at anytime during my adult life. My son was 11 when I got remarried after 16 years of my first marriage. I could not have anymore children.

My new husband is a saint. I wanted a baby so badly. We were on a 3 day weekend trip to Branson MO. with my son on Labor day. A pet store there had 3 parrots that were on a tree stand that caught my eye. I had never even held a bird but always thought they were fascinating from a distance. There was a nanday, sun conure and a quaker. After visiting the store oh a dozen or more times playing with the birds we had to leave. On our way home I told my husband I want that bird. We immediately called the store and they had already sold the sun conure. I had them hold the quaker till we could get back which was about 3 weeks.

During those 3 weeks I read and studied anything and everything I could regarding quaker parrots. I was so excited when we picked him up. Of course he was scared but was still sweet. He didn't want anything to do with me at first but I was a little skiddish myself kind of like once you have a baby then what?? On the way home I named him Ruffles because he ruffles his feather all the time. This little green bird very quickly became my Baby that I couldn't have.

He is so smart within 2 or 3 weeks he was talking and he was only 6 months old. He now has a vocabulary of about 60 or so words and phrases. He even uses the right words at the right times. I have had him for 2 years now and when I am home he is either on my shoulder or on his cage in the same room that I am. If I go out of the room he squawks. He eats with me. He showers with me. When the weather permits he goes places with me. He even goes on vacations with us.

One year later I was in Petco and a little Green Cheek Conure caught my eye. She would roll over and let you pet her belly. I took her home and gave her to my husband. He had become a little jealous cause Ruffles is very protective of Momma. Her name is Jade. She loves my husband most days but is very unpredictable and some days she only wants me. She rides around in my husbands shirt with her little head sticking out and hanging on with her feet.

About a year after that we adopted a Indian Ringneck named Melon. He was 4 months old and had been tortured by a little girl. He is still afraid of hands and probably always will be but he will step up and loves to take a shower and give kisses and talks up a storm. After, having these 3 birds I decided that I wanted to raise birds. I choose Quakers because their personalities are the greatest in my opinion. I now have 6 breeder Quakers that live with us in a spare bedroom. They are all sweet. So therefore, my wanting a baby turned into 9 babies total (parrots that is) 3 pets and 6 breeders!! They are my children and without them I would go nuts. When I am away from home I can't wait to get back to see my Ruffles! He is the sweetest creature that I think God put on this earth!

This is my story!

By Cathy Tatum

MY PARROT'S TALE:   By Pat Leveling

As long as I can remember I have loved birds. I got my first budgie at age 9, and have had at least one birds with me ever since. We have had lots of budgies (all of them talked!) two cockatiels (one lived with us for 22 years!) and we now have a Pacific parrotlet. He's a talker too and a little clown. I am 60 years young and can't really imagine life at our house without" birdie noises". I belong to 2 bird forums and visit them each day.

By Pat Leveling


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My Parrot's Tale:  by Rachel Finney

I was two years old when I got my first bird. First it was daisy who turned out to be a boy he was a lutino cockatiel then we got Petree, and Mufasa who was mine. we got him when i was 3 or 4. when I turned 5 we were moving and had to get rid of them because our land lord would not allow birds but would allow the cats.

Some family friends of ours had three birds two congo greys and an amazon. When we moved to our new house we convinced our land lord who had by then became papa to me that birds are nice sweet animals. at that time our friends had to get rid of the greys so Mo the nicer of the too came home. I was five and diffently had a mind of my own. When Mo came home i was told not to touch him because he was mean ( he was extremely mean to my moms roomate and her) but being me i opened the cage and took him out because he looked lonely and that started my love of greys.

Mo became my very best friend. I took him everywhere like a baby he was my baby brother even though he was 11 years old. He was my bird and my sister got jealous that he liked me but not her. our family friends were then getting rid of their amazon sonny.... so home he came.   Sonny had had a couple of homes the first five years of his life we did not know and he was 12 years. my sister was six and me still five. Sonny was DIFFENTLY an amazon always over stimulated bit people when stimulated but never my sister or I. He talked about quarter and did all of my sister my conversations.

When I was seven and a half my mother took my sister and I away from her roomate who had become my daddy we got to see him mo and sonny on weekends but mo finally went to my cousins because dave just could not handle him.   When i was 8 my mother got married and moved us to alaska leaving everything and Mo and Sonny which was everything to me and my sister.   After two years of living in alaska my step dad and mother got my sister and I two parakeets they were not hand tame but stormey was a little but only for me. I was told after 6 years in alaska i was moving back to washington. I was not happy about this. My moms ex roomate had passed away and I know longer knew wher onny was. A week later I got a call from my cousins who had Mo they had good news they bought the local bird store (bird lovers outlet) and more good news they knew sonny's owners and the week after that they called and asked if they knew someone who could take sonny because they were having a baby and could not have their birds anymore. when we got down here we went straight to see my cousins YAY! they practically raised me. after all the hugs I saw sonny who had been waiting for my sister and I. sonny was to be my sisters again.

There was this little african grey baby almost three months when i met him I fell in love with him we visited sonny and this grey almost everyday but the grey was already sold and my cousins told me i could work off a different gird so i spent some time with quakers and another amazon.... but would always come back to this little timneh that stole my heart. one day when my mother who I did not get along with at all and was sarting to become close with another lady who i now call my mom anyways I was putting this little timneh to bed kissing on him and just loving him up when my cosins and mother called me in the other room. they said that his owner had decided he wanted the congo instead and that if i worked him off i could have him. I was so happy later I named him Kenai Jackson.

I later moved in with my cousins when my aunt mom and i could not get along i began calling my new mom mommy and lived with her on weekends i worked at the store everyday and just loved it alot of birds came and went and then a B&G came around that was one of our customers birds she had to get rid of him and i got him for my birthday.   Then a green cheek named cash had to find a new home and was in my moms rescue his was meaner then sin but loved me... he became my baby!   Later i had to get rid of my B&G because his owner missed him very much, and I still see him. that is my bird story with the family and rescue and store birds. I have around 43 that are my world it is what makes me get up every morning.


My Parrot's Tale:  By Breanne Trepanier

I was raised around animals. I had 4 horses, 9 cats, 2 dogs, 2 frogs, 3 snakes, and a lizard. But I was always fascinated by birds, and we never had one. So, when I was 10, I saw a Peach Fronted Conure at the pet store. I was there with my mom and my sister at the time, and for about a year I had begging my mom for a bird, and as soon as I saw this one I was in love. Of course, before you get any pet you think of names, and I had an idea in mind, but I saw this one and I could only think of one name; Dexter.   He was a gorgeous bird, green feathers like diamonds, an orange-peach colours on his face surrounded by a royal blue. I could tell he liked me too, he jumped right onto my finger, but he was a bit of a vicious bird, biting if you touched his back or tried to cuddle him. But we bought him right then anyways, not thinking about it at all because my mom saw how perfect he was for me. we brought him home, and he wasn't even bothered at all the attention he got, with 3 siblings and all the animals. Our biggest problems were all our cats. We had 8 cats; our biggest one, a black and white one named Ari, an american short-haired named Teddy, and Sunday; a mixed breed, who had 5 kittens at the time, and Dewey, a Bengal, also a very, very ambitious one. Teddy, Sunday, and Ari left Dexter alone mostly... but Dewey was a problem. But, since Dexter was a bit vicious, when Dewey put his nose anywhere near the cage Dexter ran over and bit him. Dewey bled a lot, and even now there's still a scar on his nose from Dexter. We had a big, german shepard also, named Tina. She was old, and she had hip problems, but her and Dexter absolutely loved each other. When I brought Dexter outside on my shoulder, he saw Tina, and fluttered onto her back. Tina didn't care, but Tina walked around with Dexter just chillin on her back, I thought they were adorable together. But when Dexter was on Tina's back, he was much more vulnerable than when he was with me, and of course I kept an eye on them, but Ari and Dewey saw there chance and didn't hesitate. Dewey jumped at Dexter, and Dexter fluttered away. Dexter couldn't fly, only flutter, because we had his wings clipped, and he didn't even know how to fly since he was born in captivity and never learned, and had had his wings clipped for his entire life. So Dexter was now on the ground, and of course, being cats, Ari and Dewey went for them. Of course, I was running for Dexter now, but cats were way, way faster them me especially when they wanted a bird. Ari got there first. He went to pounce on Dexter, and I thought; It's over. Dexter's gone. But then a miracle happened, Ari leaned away, and fell to the ground, and then ran away, limping slightly. Dewey ran away as well. I picked up Dexter on my finger. Dexter had bit Ari right before he landed on him!

Eventually, Dexter grew to only like me, and tried to bite anyone you tried to pick him up besides me. Of course, I punished him when he did this, but there was no use, he wasn't learning anything. Dexter had gotten used to being put to bed at one time on week days, and another on weekends. He got grumpy if he wasn't put to bed at that time. He had a little bed in his cage, hanging from the top of the cage, but resting on his bar, so Dexter could just walk into it, and He would go in there and hide, and if even I tried to pick him up he would bite. So that's how I knew when he was tired. But I wouldn't let absolutely anyone go near his cage in the morning. If you even look inside of the towel covering the cage to see if he was awake, awake or not, he would start squawking like a maniac until he got picked up, no matter what time it was. Sometimes, I would sleep with Dexter beside me, and I would make it dark for him by covering him with my hand, and he burrowed inside of my hand, and he would go to sleep. By doing this, I eventually got him to like it when I, only I, stroked him. He bit anyone else.

He was always on my shoulder. Always. Usually in the morning when I was getting ready for school, and as soon as I got home from school he would be on my shoulder. He always liked to have some this to chew on. And if I didn't give him my finger, he would climb down my arm and get it himself, so I had to do everything with one hand. He liked to be held upside down a lot, too. when I had him on my finger, he would lean forward, trying to get me to flip my hand upside down. But he couldn't do it himself because he would fall, so I would have to do it for him. And sometimes, if he was tired and on my shoulder, he would get underneath my hair, right against my neck, and curl up underneath my jaw. he would get really comfortable, so he hated it when I wore earrings because then he couldn't do it. He could talk, too; he said so many things. He said pretty bird, hello, good night, all those things, and he could meow, bark, ribbit, whistle, and he could even make the noise of a creaking door. He could also make a kissing noise, and when I held him up to my face and said "kiss kiss", he would reached over, but his beak on my lips, and make a kissing noise. Everyone thought it was adorable. He also loved music, and listened to it when I had my ear buds in, and eventually learned to sing "Baby" by Justin Bieber and "Down" by Jay Sean.

Eventually, Sunday's kittens grew up. We sold most of them, but kept one, my kitten. Me and my siblings each got to pick our own kitten, and for some reason my parents decided to keep mine, Kiki. But, the most bizarre thing happened. Kiki and Dexter became friends. Literally, Kiki would lick Dexter clean, and Dexter would sit perched on Kiki's stomach when he layed down. Dexter never, ever bit Kiki. Kiki would sit on the back of the couch while I sat on the couch with Dexter on my shoulder, and Dexter would chirp with happiness and Kiki would just lay there purring.

Unfortunately, I didn't even get him for a year. When I had had him for another 9 months, and he hadn't had his wings clipped in a while, I went outside with him on my shoulder on a windy day. And the wind picked him up and took him away. He was flying. He landed in a tree, but he didn't know how to fly, since that was his first time, and he didn't know how to get down. he was squawking and pacing, panicking, trying to get down, or waiting for me to somehow trying to go up there and get him. I was freaking out. My dad was throwing footballs at him, trying to get him to come down, while I was screaming at him to stop because he was going to kill him. eventually, my neighbours came over with bear scares, and shot one up, Dexter didn't move. Shot another one up, and Dexter flew to another tree. He continued squawking and panicking, and my neighbours shot another bear scare, and this was his last one. Dexter flew into an even higher tree, one that was 80 feet tall, and he was at least 75 feet up. It was getting late, and everyone started going home, by I stayed up, shaking his food bag, calling for him to come down. Eventually my dad came out to get me, but I didn't want to go, so I just put his bird cage outside by the tree and sprinkled food all over the ground, and then went inside. The next day, he was still there, panicking and pacing. That day, my mom climbed the tree, all the way up. It was really branchy, and my mom was able to climb it easily, but, when my mom was about 3 quarters way up, Dexter flew into the tree that was right beside the other one, but he flew into a lower branch. My mom snapped off a long branch, all the way at the top, and was reaching the branch over trying to get Dexter to get on it. But he was falling asleep, and my mom had to climb down. We waited another night, and by that morning, he was gone, not in his cage, not in any tree, not making any noise. But his body wasn't anywhere around tree on the ground.

It's been 2 years since that time, and for the first year and a half, I didn't want another bird. But now, I'm in the process of getting 2 Sun Conures and 2 parakeets. I still miss Dexter, but at least I have some good memories of him :)



Ever since I was a little girl I was frightened of birds due to the Alfred Hitchcock move “The Birds”. The only bird I liked was my grandmothers tiel. He would put his head out of the cage bars and let me scratch his neck moving his head side to side and when he was thru with me would give me a good nip, lol. But I promised that I would take him when she passed. But no one bothered to tell my Aunt and when they could no longer take care of grandma they gave the bird away to another family member. It took years for me to forgive her.

Time passed and now well into my 40’s I was “pet store hounding” with my husband. That’s what we call it when we just go in to a pet store to play with the animals when we had nothing else to do. I wandered over to the birds where a young teen was playing with some lovebirds. There was one that kept coming over to me and I gathered up my courage and allowed it to step onto me. We visited that pet store a couple more times and the bird was still there and it was like it was asking me to take it home. I told my husband that I just could not leave without it and that began my love of parrots.

We name our little cutie Fred, thinking of course it was a boy, but a few months down the road fred had eggs. Fred was a crimino lovebird and very social. Soon I added a cockatiel, who I named Punki due to the way his headdress looked when excited. Then came Rocky to keep punki company. Then one day while trying to lay Fred passed her uterus and died. I was heartbroken and still shed tears for her. Since then my flock has grown along with my knowledge of parrots. My flock includes two tiels, Punki and Rocky, a Senegal, Baby, a blue Quaker, Tia(turns out Tia is a boy so I call him TT), a Green Cheek Conure Beeker, a Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure, Gizmo, and a Blue Fronted Amazon, Willy. Willy is the oldest at 45 and is a rescue. Never thought I would have the courage to handle such a large bird. We brought him home in july and it is now december and he has finally become comfortable with us. He lets me touch any part of his body although I do get some growling, so far no “I mean it” bites. We are waiting for one more bird, a sun conure. I had one that was given to me which I loved so much but when I found out how low his vit. D was I gave him to a friend who has a bird farm. Sunny now has a Mrs Sunny and they spend all their time in the nest box. If we are lucky they will have eggs this spring. A newly paired conure does not always produce viable eggs the first season, but if they do, they will be sexed and if they have a male I was promised that chick. If more than one male I will get to choose. That will be the end of my flock. We also have three cats, one is over 20 years old, the second is 13 and the youngest is 7. But the birds rule the house.


My Parrot's Tale: by Catherine Christopher

Hello Readers,

Meet Paulie and Jasper.

They are both three month old parrot siblings. Their parents' owners wanted to give them away to avoid any inbreeding. Of course, I was more than delighted to get them. I bought them a nice big cage, put in lots of goodies, treats and toys. What's funny is that I do not know their gender. They could be sisters, or brothers or a brother and a sister...don't know. I call them birdie...they respond to that. It so happens that they both are very hard to train. I'm trying but every time I insert my hand into the cage even to clean, they freak out and fly all over the cage. My desire is that one day, they both will know me enough to love me so I can pet them and kiss their cute feathery foreheads. They are adorable especially with their big black curious eyes. Cute little babies!

By about 7pm they get sleepy and it's so cute to watch them as they get tired after a long day of playing....and then by about 7am, they are up...and by 8am , they are noisy. Oh yea, it's almost as if they scream saying, 'we're up...come talk to us....come sing to us.....come give us some verbal lovin." And then I go to their cage and talk to them, "what's all that fuss about? what's going on? who has not had their breakfast yet?" and they both get quiet and just watch...and listen.... so precious to watch that...

This evening, I was singing in the kitchen area and I felt like I was being I neared the cage and started cute and adorable it was to see how they they listened along...and almost like they were liking what they heard...

I love them. I would love them to love me day....I hope and day.....

Until then, I shall be patient and continue to shower my affection on them as I treat them to goodness and a happy home.



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