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parakeet photo named Pickles
My Cutie, Pickles
Lineolated Parakeet

Roses are red, violets are blue...

Here's your invitation to take a 'crack' at your literary talent.

Bird Bytes is gathering a collection of the finest poem
written about your Pet Bird or birds in general.
Contribute your special POEM and read the latest poems submitted below.


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I think that I have never heard,
A poem as sweet as a bird
Who is cheerful all live-long day
Then I sing hip-hip harray
And I think I will call him Tim

By Samantha B.

*Birds* (anecdote)

I beg my parents, every single night.
Every time, I hear the same words.
I hear them say ďno, you canít have a bird.Ē

My face droops in sorrow as I walk away.
Finally, after asking more than a million times, they say ďokayĒ.
I am so excited and we get them the next day.

Once I get them, I wait.
I wait till their comfortable.
When their ready to sing and come out and play.

Randy Colclough

My Exotic Pet BIRDs

About them, you have heard
They are the most preferred
Always first, never second or third
They are my exotic pet BIRDs

I wake up with song of CANARY
Itís so sweet, absolutely, very
Makes me feel like a fairy
Wish it was a match to marry

And then there is peaceful DOVE
Calmness goes hand in glove
It serenely flies up above
It is the bird everyone love

The most troublesome is the HEN
It mostly stays in its den
Wildly runs followed by chicks ten
About it, I have no words to pen

The best is Laddu, my PARROT
Non-stop it talks, without merit
When in mood, it does a foxtrot
Then I reward it with a carrot

Finally, comes my lovely PIGEON
Everyoneís hearts it has won
Feeding it is so much fun
Itís my pleasure under the sun

So, you have met all my PETs
I bet, none like them as yet

By sophia ajaz

They Donít Know What They Say!!!

Things birds say
Donít mean a thing.
What comes from their mouths
Is just mimicking.
Why then, when I leave
Does he say Bye-Bye?
Some time before nine
We Go Beddie-Bye.
When music is playing
He says Lets Dance.
The things he does
Put me in a trance.
The words they say
They donít know the meaning.
Maybe theyíre wiser
Than the Human Being!!!!!!


QUAKER - The Tiny Terror!

Mom and Dad are finally home
Now itís time to get out to roam
Check out this
Check out that
Whatís up
With that big ole cat
She thinks sheís got me
In a trance
Iíll take her down
If I get a chance
What about
That big ole dog
He just walks
Around in a fog
Iíll take Ďem all
Down you see
Just because
They're bigger than me


Remembering Rosie Sabra Scotton (1/20/08)

I remember the first time I saw her...a shy six month old Solomon Eclectus....
She was beautiful! I visited her every week until I was able to bring her home....
Each time she was more friendly than the last..
Finally, I brought her home! I had her new cage all set up with toys, perches, and food....
She explored every inch of her new home. After a few minutes she was more interested in
visiting with me than staying in her new cage with all of the goodies it held...
From that time on we were constant companions....I work during the day so each evening
we spent time doing chores or just sitting watching television....she was a "snuggler".
A few months after she came to live with me she injured her leg and wasn't able to stand or
walk well for a few weeks. I began carrying her around in a shoulder bag.
She was quite content to spend time in that bag....many times she fell asleep.
I remember taking her to the bird club picnic that that same bag.
I remember how she liked to play hide and seek. I always kept a blanket folded on the top of
her cage...she would run under it and "hide"...then she would run out just until I could see herÖ.
she'd "cluck " and I'd tell her that I was going to "get her"...she'd run and
hide again...she would keep hiding until she finally got bored....she loved that game.!
I remember going for car rides....she loved going....and boy was she a head turner! Everyone
was awed with her beauty...and I really think she enjoyed the attention!
I remember all the times we used to go to our neighbors pool together in the summer to watch
my kids swim...she would contentedly lay on my lap or on my chest
while I read Bird Talk or another magazine.
I remember last year when my daughter, Emily did a report on the Solomon Islands.
She was supposed to bring "props" for her oral report....Rosie was one of her "props" .
She sat quietly while Emily gave her report....then Emily answered questions...mostly about Rosie.
Every child in her class had a chance to hold Rosie ...word soon spread and then
there was sixty five kids in the room waiting to see that "pretty bird" .
Every child was able to hold Rosie...she sat very
still while one child passed her to another...some kids held her more than once.
For most of the kids it was their first exposure to birds...and it was a good experience for them.
I know Rosie left a lasting impression on each of those children....
I remember her inquisitive expressions when she didn't quite understand what I was doing....
I remember how she loved to take showers....I remember the smell of her feathers....
I remember her calm, gentle spirit....
I remember the night I came home and discovered that she had taught our Moustache
Parakeet to say "Rosie is a good bird" and to make kissing sounds...
I'll always remember what a special friend she was to gossip....
just unconditional love...something we all need more of...
I remember the last night we spent together...
You'll always have a special place in my heart.
I'll forever love and miss you.....dear sweet feathered friend.


When I come home and open the door,
I see my bird sitting in her cage,
And I see her talking up a storm,
It looks as if she performing on stage.

I then go up and say hello,
She answers me in a voice that is so sweet,
I am always so amazed at her,
And it is always such a welcome treat.

She knows how to make people laugh,
They tell me they don't want to go,
And the reason that they give me,
Is because she puts on such a good show.

Then when it's time to go to bed,
And there is no more light,
I go up to her cage and cover her,
And she then says good night.

By Debbie Bongiovanni-Sharp

Wonderful Parrots

Parrots come in different sizes,
As well as different prizes.
Red, blue, yellow and brown,
Rock and roll but not falling down.
Oh! Parrots are wonderful birds,
They cannot be put into words.

By Katrina Sheh

By Baby Boy

My baby boy is yellow and has two wings.
My baby boy has a red beak and a red ring He cries my name when Iím far away
And I run to him and take his pain away
Every time he calls my name, he looks at me with his sparkling eyes and I fade away
He had been my best friend day one and now I cry every night when I donít see his eyes.
Every time I think of him I break out in a unbearable cry
Looking back at the memories I once shared with him and his sparkling eyes
I call his name and wait for his reply until I look to the place he once use to lie
It come rushing back to me, Iím not going to hear his voice ,
Iím not going to see his face.
Heís gone and heís not coming back,
I got to face the fact but its killing me every time,
it actually hurts me inside and out.
My heart beaks more everyday its true, I loved him .
He was my family, he was my friend,
he was everything in my heart that gave me a chance.

HE would cheer me up when I was down,
talking about how his day went about
His songs he would sing especially for me
How he would hum a sweet melody and lull me to sleep.

He use to sleep on my arm everynite
and I didnít mind because `i luved him with all my might
I will never forget that day I found him laying down
I cried for him to come back to me,
but god decided it was your time to leave.
I canít blame him to call you back;
you were on precious gift sent from above.

As you can tell, No my baby boy is not human,
And no heís not a dog,
he isnít any of those.
He was my precious baby parrot that i luved the most
I cried all night,
calling you to came back to tell u something,
before you went to the light.
I love you my precious boy,
for always and ever and I canít wait to meet back up again
and this time forever.

By: Sara Qureshi

I'm a little bird who likes to fly
Way up high in the sky
My songs are sweet
Like the honey bees

My eggs are white
Like the winter snow
Falling upon the ground so cold

I'm a little bird who likes to fly
Way up high on the sky

By: Chahat Asnani

Mickeys Poem:  8-2-2004 to 8-26-2013

My wings are wrapped around you

to hold you close to me.

Your always right here with me

in my heart its meant to be.

I couldnít stand to loose you

but you knew I had to go.

For Bigger wings were waiting

in the sky and not below.

In time the tears stop falling

but the memories remain.

For my wings will always hold

you until we meet again.

Barbara Shuhnicki, 8-28-2013


A little birdie has set you free
it flew you up beyond the tree
so high it flew until no more
your spirit burst in evermore.

By Jill Myrick

I have seen rabbits eating a carrot
But never see a bird like parrot
He sings and hops all the day
When I see him I say hurray
But when he comes to me hopping
I don't want to go for shopping
When I have something to say
He replies and say have a good day.

By Samar Shaikh

Death of a Feathered Friend

.. The Lord He looked around His house and found an empty space..

He wanted then to fill it up with loving songs of grace.

He heard the sounds of sweetness and the love and joy you gave,
to the family that loved you, but God knew you were in pain.

So God called you to heaven where you flock with feathered friends,
and sing the songs of paradise.... the angels joining in..

. The sweetness of your music is the sound that fills our souls,
when sunshine rises in the the sky as each new day unfolds.

May each sunrise fill your day with fond memories of your feathered friend

Kymberly Blake 4/01/2015

When I first saw you,
My heart melted,
Then she said that I could hold you,
Her name was Rachel,
The girl not the conure,
I held you,
You bit me,
I cried inside,
Your name was Hunny,
This was in Arizona,
Petco was where she came,
I'm sad I don't have you,
I am only 13,
I'm saving up my money,
To buy a house in Riverside,
To save up my money once more,
Go to the store,
Buy your stuff,
Get your kind,
Maybe more,
And love you 'till we die
Together, forever
With my feathered, angel, friend,
Forever, I love you 'till, I die
Together, forever
And, always

~Rose Q.

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